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"To understand the world,

You must first understand a place like Mississippi"

-William Faulkner

a la carte

Southern cuisine  with a little soul on the side -

Mississippi style

Wholesome dinners

Come and explore the flavors of the Delta and the Great State of Mississippi. Cuisine that is known for its uniqueness, diversity and the top comfort food of all comfort foods. Bankhead showcases this culinary style with a love of food and a unique down-home flair. Experience new tastes and make old tastes new again.

Delta style signature meals with plenty of choices. Keep an eye open for new additions and weekly specials.

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Scrumptious A la carte

Settle in for a dish or two to feed those special cravings.

Divine desserts

Indulge your senses with our delectable desserts, like peach cobbler or everybody's favorite – Sweet Potato Pie!

Ask About Our Take-Out Trays! We Honor Food, Art, and the Lingering Music of Mississippi.

Peach cobbler dinner